LMH Members,

Welcome to the 2022-2023 Season!

For those of you new to Lorette Minor Hockey (LMH) we are excited to see new faces at the rink and hope to make this experience the best one possible for you and your player(s). For our returning members, whether in your second year or last season with LMH, we continue to be here to serve you and are looking forward to seeing everyone back on the ice.

You can always find us on our website lorettecometshockey.com or on Facebook @LoretteComets.

While we are all hoping to stretch out the Summer, we are ready to get going for the upcoming hockey season and it all starts with Registration. Kevin McKnight has joined the LMH Board as the new Registrar and has things set up for everyone to start registration. Please see the below link to register your player(s).


We are looking to continue with the 2022/23 Season planning so we would appreciate everyone completing registration on or before August 29th.

For individuals looking to be a part of team staff, (coach, assistant, manager, etc.) there are registration options available for you as well at the same link. We ask that our prospective coaches sign up with their player(s)’ registrations as we continue to plan for the upcoming season, rust busters, evaluation, etc.  

Lastly, there will also be a spot for you to register for the camps (see details below) communicated earlier this spring as part of the Development Committee planning. These can be completed during the registration process separately from hockey registration.


August 27-28 LMH Power skating
$40.00/Player (Landmark Arena)
August 27-28 LMH Skills & Drills
 $40.00/Player (Landmark Arena)
2 Groups x 2 Sessions (over 2 days) – 1 hr./session  2 Groups x 2 Sessions (over 2 days) – 1 hr./session  
Group 1 (10:00-11:00am Sat & Sun) U9/U11Group 1 (2:00-3:00pm Sat & Sun) U9/U11
Group 2 (11:15am‐12:15pm Sat & Sun) U13/U15Group 2 (3:15-4:15pm Sat & Sun) U13/U15

*Note: camp times/sessions dependent on participation and subject to change â€ Max 20 skaters/session


Dan Gilbertson, President Lorette Minor Hockey